Souk is an event that provides perishable and semi-perishable food items in a market-like setting. The purpose is to give low-income and refugee populations in a local area the opportunity to receive food at a community center at no cost.

The goal is to provide an efficient model to fill the gaps in between other food resources (SNAP, WIC, etc.). This event setting will allow for ease of access to those in need with less long term commitment from a community center. Partners and community centers should be those that have access to underserved target populations.




Human Rights Initiative

Human Rights Initiative of North texas provides legal and social services to those who have suffered human rights abuses.

Human Rights initiative of north texas

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HRI services include:

  • Legal advocacy and guidance
  • Free events, classes, and workshops
  • Social programs
  • Direct access to health professionals
  • Asylum evaluations

We are partnering with HRI to provide access to fresh groceries and combat food insecurity. DURING COVID we will provide a monthly grocery drive-thru for families.

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