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The Unites States wastes 20 pounds of food per person per month. At the same time, we hear heartbreaking stories of children who dig through school trashcans in order to feed themselves. Hunger runs rampant for those in need. The Giving Fridge is an initiative that combats both problems at the same time. Minu Pauline, a restaurant owner, observed a similar need in Kochi, India and placed a refrigerator outside of her restaurant with leftovers every night. Stemming from this idea, we created The Giving Fridge, an open community fridge where others have the opportunity to donate food for families in need.

Hunger affects
people around the world.
Every year roughly
tons of food is wasted.
Families in need miss
meals per month.

What do we do?

The Giving Fridge seeks to provide convenient access to grab-and-go grocery items in impoverished areas. We do this by partnering with community centers and restaurants that have a refugee or low-income population and place a Giving Fridge on the premises. At any time of the day, families or individuals in need can access basic food supplies and water.

Why do we do this?

Asking for food and donations can be an uncomfortable situation. At The Giving Fridge, we strive to maintain a sense of anonymity for our families and individuals. Furthermore, we want to increase the ease of access for people who donate the food and those who take the food. Community centers and restaurants are a place where both groups come together and can easily achieve this purpose.

Our Core Values

Give to others

Our main goal is to simply give to others. In a world filled with grief, hunger and poverty, we hope to brighten the lives of those in need. Humans around the world consider charity to be a pillar of faith and a pillar of morality. We believe that every human has the compassion to give; whether it be a smile or a Giving Fridge.

Create opportunities

In order for a community to come together, there must be initiative. We believe that The Giving Fridge provides fuel to this effort. Keeping a fridge stocked with food will take calculated time and effort from a community. There will be plenty of opportunities for volunteers to not only keep the fridge running but to go out and inform people in need of this option.

Generate Conversation

Refugees and homeless around the world are resettling in Texas. They often have trouble integrating into society and can not even afford to bring food to the table. There are many people who do not understand the severity of their issues. We believe that The Giving Fridge is a platform for education of the general public on food insecurity and food waste in the US and especially Texas.

Reduce Waste

We often notice inordinate amounts of food waste in our homes and restaurants. Many people have devised ways to reduce waste from commercial and residential areas but we believe that The Giving Fridge provides the most ease for givers and takers. It also makes it possible for local restaurants to give back to their community by donating uneaten food at the end of the day.

  • Have a Plan

    If you want to get involved, create a plan with your community. Set reachable goals and make a difference.

  • Setup Fridge in Your Community

    Logistics can often be the most difficult part. Follow our how-to guides for funds and setting up your fridge.

  • Assign Volunteers

    It will be hard doing this on your own. Find friends, family, and strangers to help keep your Giving Fridge running.

  • Spread the Word to People in Need

    People in need (refugees, homeless, etc.) should be informed that there is an option for food at any hour of the day.

  • Find Additional Resources and Vendors

    Are you up and running but want to expand? Add another fridge. Get vendors involved on a weekly basis. Provide other resources alongside your fridge.

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